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March's club meeting will be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month on March 10th instead of the usual 3rd Thursday as the library will be closed that day.

Michael Hottois
(Wheelmen) or

Stan Wheeler
to schedule rides!

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Welcome to the Southern Indiana Wheelmen Bicycle Club! We've been riding the beautiful roads of Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott and Washington Counties (to name a few) since 1975. We hope to see YOU soon!

CORRECTION: On the Wheelmen Schedule, Saturday, Feb. 13th's ride is incorrectly listed as the 19th - also, the starting location is Floyd Central High School.

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Use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to ride in winter conditions: Per our Club By-Laws, ARTICLE VII - RIDES; Section A - Mileage

2) Inclement weather. If the weather is too unpleasant at ride time, the Ride Captain is not obliged to ride, or even to show up. However, any Member who considers the weather acceptable may earn miles credit by completing the ride at his or her own risk as always, and advising the Statistician. If multiple riders complete such a ride, they should choose a substitute Ride Captain to submit names and mileage to the Statistician.

3) Rainout [Sleet/Snow]. If Members have shown up to participate in a Club ride, and by ride time it has begun to rain, any rider who chooses to abandon the ride will earn 10 miles credit for being there. Any rider who chooses to ride in the rain, at his or her own risk as always, and completes the ride, will earn scheduled miles credit.

4) Shortened ride. If weather conditions worsen during a ride, riders who abandon will get “shortened ride” credit. Further, regardless of weather, an illness, an accident, or irreparable damage to a bicycle may force a rider to abandon a ride. In any of these cases, the Member earns credit for 50% of the listed mileage if half or less of the ride is completed, or full listed mileage if more than half is completed.

If you have ANY questions about a ride, always feel free to call the ride captain.

CORRECTION: All of Bill Kenealy's rides on Mondays and Thursdays (Nov. - Feb.) should be listed as 4:00 - not 4:15.

Each member is able to receive his/her INDIVIDUAL ride log monthly via e-mail.

If you do not receive these e-mails, but would like to, please contact the SIW Statistician at

Check out some of our area's construction projects so you can avoid closed and/or dangerous roads.

If you have information about other road projects, please e-mail the webmaster at

Don't let fido turn your ride - or the next person's - into a tragedy.

Anytime - and everytime - you encounter a dog that is loose and in the roadway, please call the local animal control officer/sheriff's office to report the animal and its location.

Be sure to check out some cool cycling-related pics from Tumblr that are posted towards the bottom of this page - they'll be updated on an on-going basis so check back often.

View pics here.

Members: Please be sure to join our Google Group! This will allow you to easily send and receive e-mails to & from other club members about schedule changes, road hazards, announcements, etc.

If you have any trouble signing up, simply e-mail to get yourself added to the group!

Celebrate 2016 with a brand new SIW Club Jersey!

Stop by Clarksville Schwinn TODAY to pick yours up before they're all gone (they're just $62, but sizes are limited)!

Remember, our SIW membership directory is available in the members area (log-in at left).

It's up to YOU; however, to keep it up-to-date! Please review the directory and add or update whatever info you wish to make available to your fellow SIW members.

If you need the password for the members' area, please contact any club officer for assistance.

Want better and safer cycling conditions in YOUR state - and the entire USA?

Become a member of these advocacy organizations to lend your voice to their important efforts.

Looking for a fun Indiana Ride?

Download Bicycle Indiana's Resource (Ride) Guide. This comprehensive guide features 100+ recreational rides, mountain bike events, news and information about cycling in the Hoosier state and so much more!

Why not support better cycling in Indiana by joining our only state-wide cycling advocacy group? Visit Bicycle Indiana to learn more!

Download GPS route data for upcoming rides (gpx, klm or tcx files).

Do you have the ability to load GPS route data into your cycle computer? If so, remember you can download data files for most of our routes from the member's area by clicking on the "Ride With GPS" link on the routes table.

If you want to convert this data into a different format, consider visiting for help. They offer conversions for several different file types.

To schedule rides for upcoming months, contact:

  Michael Hottois at (Wheelmen), or

  Stan Wheeler at (Slowspokes).

SIW is proud to be affiliated with


The Southern Indiana Wheelmen supports all aspects of safe cycling in our local community, the state of Indiana and the nation.

We hope you will join us in helping our fellow neighbors and communities grow stronger and healthier through the sport of cycling.

SIW is proud to help keep Hwy 31 litter free!
(South of Memphis to Perry Crossing)
As of 9/30/15

Please Note:

Cyclists are required to wear a CPSC-approved helmet on all club rides.

Cyclists on all club rides are expected to know and adhere to all rules of the road, and to exercise their rights to the road in a responsible manner at all times.

Welcome To Our New Members!

We Hope To See You On The Road Soon!

Guests and new members are ALWAYS welcome!