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SIW Constitution SIW By-Laws

Incorporated as a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation in the State of Indiana on Oct. 26, 2011.

Constitution & By-Laws Adopted Sept. 20, 2012

View Certificate of Incorporation here.

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SIW Constitution


The Name of the Club shall be Southern Indiana Wheelmen Association. Inc.


The purpose of the Club is to promote, advance, improve, and enjoy the sport of bicycling.


Any person may become a Member if he/she agrees with the purpose of the Club and pays the annual dues.


The officers of the Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Statistician, SlowSpokes Coordinator, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, and Harvest Homecoming Director.


  1. A Regular Meeting shall be held bimonthly.
  2. The election of Officers shall be held in November.
  3. The Annual Meeting shall be the November meeting.
  4. Special Meetings shall be held on call of the President or the Board of Directors.


This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Members present and voting at the Annual Meeting provided that notice of the proposed amendment is available 30 days prior to the meeting.

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SIW By-Laws


  1. Family: A Family Membership is a Member and spouse and any unmarried children age 18 and under. Those Family Members age 16 and over are entitled to one vote each.
  2. Individual: An Individual Member is one person. Individual Members under age 18 must have a release signed by a parent or guardian. Individual members age 16 and over are entitled to one vote each.


  1. President
    1. Conducts the affairs of the Club, along with the other officers, and in cooperation with the Board of Directors.
    2. Runs the Club bimonthly Regular Meeting in an orderly manner.
    3. Is responsible for any required tax filings.
    4. Is responsible for the annual Awards Banquet.
    5. Settles any disputes that arise, possibly calling on the Board of Directors.

  2. Vice-President
    1. Performs the duties of the President in his/her absence.
    2. Is responsible for all advertising in flyers, radio, newspapers, or cycle news publications.
    3. Is responsible for the organization and distribution of the Wheelmen Ride Schedule.

  3. Secretary
    1. Keeps a record of all the proceedings of the Club except for Board of Directors.
    2. Has on hand at each meeting a list of all existing committees and their members.
    3. Maintains record books in which the By-Laws, special rules of order, standing rules, and minutes are entered, where any amendments to these documents are properly recorded, and has the current record book on hand at each meeting.
    4. Conducts the general correspondence of the Club.
    5. In the absence of the President and the Vice-President, calls the meeting to order and presides until the election of a chairman pro tem.
    6. Posts the minutes that were approved at the previous meeting.

  4. Treasurer
    1. Banks all proceeds in a timely manner.
    2. Promptly signs checks and records expenditures.
    3. Gives a current report on bank balance, expenses, and income at all meetings.
    4. Keeps the Club membership roll current.

  5. Statistician
    1. Maintains the statistical records of the Club.
    2. Makes statistical data available to Club Members.

  6. SlowSpokes Coordinator: Coordinates and distributes the activities schedule for the SlowSpokes.

  7. Webmaster
    1. Posts reports from the Statistician and Secretary to the Club Website as received.
    2. Keeps SIW Website up to date.
    3. Maintains the club's domain name and registry.

  8. Newsletter Editor: Coordinates and publishes Club Newsletter.

  9. Harvest Homecoming Director: Coordinates Harvest Homecoming Ride.


  1. Board of Directors
    1. A Board of Directors shall be in place to oversee Club affairs, review policies, and propose changes if appropriate.
    2. The Board will start with the seven members elected at the December 2011 Awards Banquet. Thereafter, each November, elections will be held for board members at the Annual Meeting. Two board members will be elected in 2012, two more in 2013, and three in 2014, with that pattern repeating such that three members are elected in 2014, 2017, 2020, 2023, 2026, . . . .
    3. Board members will be elected to a three year term and may serve no more than two consecutive terms.
    4. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for nominating at least enough members to stand for election as Directors, as needed to fill opening positions each year.
    5. The Board of Directors shall meet at least once annually.

  2. Dispute Resolution
    1. Any dispute that arises between riders, or between a rider and a Ride Captain, should be resolved, if possible, by the appropriate Officer (e.g. Vice-President, SlowSpokes Coordinator, Statistician).
    2. Any dispute that arises between a rider or a Ride Captain and an Officer should be resolved, if possible, by another appropriate Officer.
    3. Any dispute not adequately resolved by number 1 or 2 above, should be referred to the President for resolution.
    4. If a dispute is still unresolved, it may be referred to the Board of Directors.

  3. Officer Recall: Any petition to recall an Officer shall be presented to the Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors so recommends, an announcement shall be made that removal of said officer will be voted upon at the next Club Regular Meeting. A two-thirds vote of Members present and voting shall be required to remove an elected Officer.

  4. Officer Appointment: In the event of an Officer resignation or removal, the President shall appoint a replacement for the current term, subject to confirmation by majority vote at a Regular Meeting.

  5. Committees
    1. Nominating Committee: The President shall appoint someone to chair a committee for the purpose of presenting a slate of Officers at the September regular meeting. This slate will then be nominated at the November Annual Meeting (the Election Meeting) with any additional nominations from the floor also being accepted.
    2. Special Committees: Should the need arise for a Special Committee, it shall be appointed by the President or the Board of Directors.


  1. Date
    1. Dues must be paid by January 1 to remain an active Member and to receive mileage credit for any rides from October 1 to January 1. If dues are paid after January 1, the member becomes active as of the date of payment and mileage credit is only received for rides on or after the date of payment. Dues are based on an October 1 through September 30 year.
    2. Dues paid by new Members in August or September will be applied to the following year.

  2. Amount
    1. Dues for a Family Membership shall be $15.00 annually.
    2. Dues for an Individual Member shall be $12.00 annually.


  1. Meetings
    1. Will be held bimonthly.
    2. Will be held at a place designated by the President.
    3. Special Meetings, if required, will be called by the President or the Board of Directors.
    4. All meetings of this Club shall be conducted in an orderly manner. (reference Robert’s Rules of Order)

  2. Procedures
    1. Amendments to these By-Laws may be made at any Regular Meeting of the Club by affirmative vote of a majority of voting Members present, provided that the Board of Directors has evaluated and approved the proposed amendment, and that the amendment wording has been available to Members at least 30 days.
    2. A quorum consists of 10 Members who are qualified to vote, including at least five who are Officers or Directors.


  1. Touring Jerseys: Four Touring Jerseys will be awarded for the most registered Club miles ridden from October 1 through September 30. One each will be awarded to the man and woman who have reached age 55 by September 30, and one each to the man and woman who have not reached age 55 by September 30. Any Touring Jersey Award cannot be won by the same Rider in consecutive years.

  2. Mileage Awards
    1. Thousand Mile Awards will be determined by the number of registered Club miles ridden from October 1 through September 30.
    2. Accumulated Mileage Awards will be determined by the number of Club miles ridden from October 1 through September 30. Accumulated mileage will be recognized with 5000 mile awards as determined by the number of accumulated Club miles ridden while a dues-paid Member in good standing, regardless of any breaks in membership.

  3. Special Awards: Other Special Awards as the Club may see fit.


  1. Mileage
    1. Official Club Mileage is used to determine aggregate mileage awards (the four touring jerseys, and any other awards or recognitions subsequently approved by the SIW membership where mileage is a factor). An SIW Member can accumulate Official Club Mileage by any combination of approved rides from either schedule.
    2. Inclement weather. If the weather is too unpleasant at ride time, the Ride Captain is not obliged to ride, or even to show up. However, any Member who considers the weather acceptable may earn miles credit by completing the ride at his or her own risk as always, and advising the Statistician. If multiple riders complete such a ride, they should choose a substitute Ride Captain to submit names and mileage to the Statistician.
    3. Rainout. If Members have shown up to participate in a Club ride, and by ride time it has begun to rain, any rider who chooses to abandon the ride will earn 10 miles credit for being there. Any rider who chooses to ride in the rain, at his or her own risk as always, and completes the ride, will earn scheduled miles credit.
    4. Shortened ride. If weather conditions worsen during a ride, riders who abandon will get “shortened ride” credit. Further, regardless of weather, an illness, an accident, or irreparable damage to a bicycle may force a rider to abandon a ride. In any of these cases, the Member earns credit for 50% of the listed mileage if half or less of the ride is completed, or full listed mileage if more than half is completed.
    5. All riders must wear helmets on all Club rides.
    6. All Riders shall begin and end the ride at the designated start location and complete the posted ride.
    7. Any Rider participating in a club ride may be required to submit verification of completion of the designated route and mileage electronically at the discretion of the Statistician.

  2. Local Rides: Rides not involving an overnight, published on either Schedule, having a local starting point originating in Clark, Floyd, Scott, Harrison, Washington counties in Indiana and Jefferson county in Kentucky, and having a Club Member designated as Ride Captain are Local Rides. Members completing these rides will earn the mileage listed.

  3. Overnight Rides: SIW Members will earn mileage listed for scheduled Overnight Rides starting in the local area. To get mileage credit for the return trip, it must be ridden after an overnight.

  4. Out-of-Town Rides: For scheduled rides that do not fit B or C, above, and are attended by five (5) or more SIW Members, mileage credit will be earned for actual miles ridden.

  5. Ride Captain Duties: Ride Captains must use an Official Sign-up Sheet, the data from which should be submitted to the Statistician within one week. The Ride Captain should strive to:
    1. list the ride with accurate mileage and difficulty ratings.
    2. introduce any new people.
    3. provide maps and/or route instructions.
    4. start the ride at the prescribed time with a 15 minute grace period.
    5. ride at the back or appoint someone to ride at the back.
    6. assist with breakdowns.

  6. Ride Captain Absence: Riders should choose a substitute Ride Captain to submit names and mileage to the Statistician.

  7. Events: Members can earn miles for participating in events listed on a Ride Schedule, if approved by the President.

By-laws as of 11-17-201611-1-2022

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